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Colossians 3: 1-4: The secret of a victorious life

Surely, these verses are of the most wonderful truths in the entire Bible!!

Keep in mind that in the original manuscript there were no chapter and verse groupings. Everything was written continuously. It was the Bible translators who later made the groupings.

That means that the first verses of Colossians 3 were written to follow-on after the last verses of Colossians 2!

Should we read it as such, we will immediately see the connection:

At the end of chapter 2 the Apostle said the following: “You shall and can NEVER gain the victory over sin in your life as long as you look for victory in certain man-made rules that you try to keep to gain favour with God”.

Now in chapter 3 he explains how the true believer CAN gain the victory. How does a Christian grow in holiness? And victory? And breakthroughs? What should you and I do?

There is only one thing that works.

The answer is: Our eyes must open to something very specific that has already happened to us personally (not something that MUST still happen). And once our eyes have opened to that, we must delve into it – like miners who have to delve for, and bring forth the gold that is already in the ground.

Now listen very carefully:

There are FIVE things that is true about the Lord Jesus Christ:
1 He did die
2 He did rise from the grave
3 He is sitting at the Right-hand of God the Father
4 His life is included with His Father
5 He will appear in glory at His Second Coming.

The Christ-believer is included in all those aspects!

Through the omnipotence of the FATHER, the Christian-believer is included in Christ’s death, resurrection, ascension, second coming – yes, even with the life that the Lord Jesus presently lives every moment before His Father!

Take note of the words that the Apostle uses: HIDDEN WITH. That means INCLUDED WITH…. UNITED WITH.

This has absolutely nothing to do with feelings or emotions. The question is not whether or when we FEEL or EXPERIENCE it that we are included. Independent from what our experience tells us, we ARE included. It is a reality that we must BELIEVE simply because the Lord God says it black on white in the Bible! And the moment we do that – begin to blindly trust Him – we start to LIVE out of the truth concerning oneself. The LIE concerning oneself is then exposed for what it is – a lie. And the truth begins to set us free.

The reborn person therefore:
1 Has died with Christ
2 Has been resurrected from the grave with Jesus
3 Is sitting with Jesus at the Right-hand of God
4 Is included in the life that Jesus is living with His Father – Your life is with Christ HIDDEN in God the Father. Your life is included in Christ hidden in God.
5 Is included in the second coming of Jesus in splendour and glory. It has not taken place yet, but your life is already included! It is such a great certainty that the Apostle says: When Jesus appears in glory, you also WILL appear with Him. Too wonderful for words!

Can you see the FIVEFOLD INCLUSION?!

The question is now: What does this reality mean in the everyday life of the believer?

There are FOUR practical things that the Apostle mentions. Four things that we should DO every day based on that which we already possess.

It is almost like a mother who tells her child: “I have deposited R3000 into your bank account. Go and buy yourself a pair of shoes”.

In other words: Based on the money that has already been paid in, NOW DO SOMETHING with it! Go and use it!

That which has already been paid in, is the fivefold inclusion.

The Apostle is saying: Now DO four things:
1 Each day, choose to make the Lord’s heavenly things the aim of your life > Because: You are already (in Christ) living in heaven, because you are included in His life!
2 Be very careful of that which is going on in your mind/thoughts.
3 Remind yourself consciously that your life is hidden in God Himself!
4 Know that you have a brilliant future. Based on the Second Coming, you WILL appear together with Jesus and share in His splendour!


The Holy Spirit is saying: The victorious Christian life means to make a definite CHOICE 100 X per day: I WILL fill my mind with that which is the truth about myself and I shall reject that which is a lie about me. I will strive towards the things of the Lord. I will focus upon the fact that my life is hidden in my Father. And that I have a brilliant future. And that my old sinful nature entered the grave with Jesus and is dead – that I may live new and free! This is not positive thinking. It is not a psychological trick. It is the basic truths of the Gospel.

Consciously REMOVE the things from your mind that makes you negative and depressed, which are lies and are clashing with the “fivefold reality. Consciously CONSIDER your true identity in Jesus Christ. REMOVE the lie and FILL yourself with the truth.

Once more I want to say – as with a previous message in this series – these truths are profound, and one cannot listen to it for 25 minutes and then imagine that you have “grasped” it! Therefore: I encourage you to go our website and print the written sermon, read and re-read and study it, and in that way make it your own. It must be digested before it can be taken up into one’s system.

Translated by Marthie Wilson

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